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RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD respects the individuality and privacy of each of its clients and respects their rights of confidentiality and nondisclosure of personal data. In view of that, RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD commits itself to the protection of all personal data provided by its users. All the personal data is being obtained voluntarily and is being processed and protected in conformity with the relevant laws laid down by the legislation. With this Agreement RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD, in its capacity of a personal data administrator presents the principles constituting its privacy policy below.

RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD collects different types of information from the public Internet space through the online shop Retail International Group, which can be found on This document (Privacy policy) describes the policies and procedures of collecting and processing the information, which identifies the individual customer and can be used as a source of contact details in order to get in touch with him/her (Personal details, Personal information).

This privacy policy is valid only for the website and it is not to be applied to any other websites or services, and more importantly to any other personal data administrators.


RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD collects personal information in order to serve its customers’ needs, which may include: creating a personal account, placing an order, customer service, access to certain functionalities of the website, registration for the electronic newsletter, exclusive promotions and events, different prize draw competitions, participation in online surveys, discussion groups and forums, as well as in marketing activities.

RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD collects the following personal information from the clients who use the website: name, address, email, telephone number, personal interests. It is possible that additional information might be required i.e. bank account details. However, this can only be done with the explicit permission of the client or in case that the information is needed for delivering the requested customer service. The user remains the sole owner of their personal information.

By using the online shop, the user explicitly agrees that their personal information is to be collected and handled by the company and at the same time he/she guarantees about the correctness and authenticity of the provided information. The client also declares that he/she is informed about the type of personal information collected and handled, about the purposes of its usage, and also about their rights of access, correction, adjustment or deletion of the personal information.


RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD uses the personal data of its clients for the purposes related to account registration with, processing requests and inquiries, confirming orders, keeping customers informed of additional products and services. Occasionally, this may include information of other companies regarding appropriate products and services, payment methods, customer services, promotions and marketing activities. This is done to facilitate RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD and its sales advisers (Check the General terms) in fulfilling the assumed as per contract duties and obligations and to provide the goods and services expected by the consumer.

The user has the right to ask RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD not to process their personal information for marketing purposes. If the client wishes that their personal data is not used for commercial and marketing purposes, they may contact RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD using the contact information provided on

RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD may use the information to create overview statistics which are anonymous in order to improve its performance and services based on these statistical analyses. Furthermore, part of the information is used for the execution of the General terms of use of the online shop and for contracts for distant purchases, and with purpose of prevention an eventual harm of individuals and possessions.


RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD uses cookies to collect certain information from all users, including from unregistered visitors of the online shop who do not use the services provided by Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD system sends to the user’s device and subsequently uses them to identify the user’s device when he/she visits the website again.

Cookies provide information about the online shop usage and personal details, which may be used to personalize the users’ experience and also to follow the models of the users’ traffic. For example: when a user returns to the cookies identify them and prompt Retail International Group to fill in its user name (without the password) in order facilitate the admission to the user’s account. Cookies also allow Retail International Group to remind of previous activities of the user and suggest similar items and events. RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD is also using information collected by the cookies in order to elaborate statistical analysis on the online shop usage e.g. the time users spend browsing the website and pages they visit most frequently. This statistic data does not include any personal information.

By using the user gives their explicit consent “cookies” to be used. If the user prefers not to receive “cookies” while browsing or by HTML format emails, the user has the right to restrict them by setting the internet browser to warn before accepting a cookie and to deny cookies when the internet browser signalizes about them. The user can also turn off all cookies via the browser settings.


RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD guarantees the security of data sent by the users through industrially standardized physical, electronic and administrative procedures. When advisable, uses SSL-coding in order to transmit securely any sensitive information.

Inwardly, the data is preserved on controlled servers with limited access. The information can be preserved and processed on certain locations in conformity with the applicable community legislation on confidentiality and protection of personal information. Inquiries and complaints related to this Privacy Policy can be sent to the email addresses listed on


RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD gives access to the obtained personal data to third parties only for purposes of conclusion and fulfillment of distant sale-trade contracts, including delivery of goods to specified user’s address. Initially, the personal information is submitted by the user, who fills it in at the time of purchase and subsequently puts it at the disposal of third parties, including licensed postal operators (Post or Courier Company) through strictly defined confidentiality procedures. Personal data is not to be shared with third parties not connected to the business activities of RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD, unless a regulation does not postulate the opposite or if the user does not give explicitly his/her consent. Exceptional cases are the situations when precise information is granted to lawyers, customs or other state and/or law enforcement authorities for prevention of potential violations, other infringements of the treaty, or illegal behavior. Personal data protection law obligates every personal data administrator, including RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD, to disclose information for the purposes of legal proceedings or for other lawful aims, or to prevent eventual harm of individuals or possessions.

RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD does not collect or process personal data which discloses racial or ethnical origin, political, religious or philosophical convictions, membership in political parties or organizations, corporations with religious, philosophical, political or syndical purposes, as well as data concerning health, sexual life or human genome.

As noted above, RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD composes statistics for the usage of the website, using data collected by cookies. This statistic information does not contain personal data and may be published or made available to third parties.


Each user has access to and may correct, change or delete their personal data through their personal account registered at RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD will keep users’ personal data as long as needed for the provision of the services offered on the website, or until this is required by the relevant legislation. After that period, the user’s personal data is erased.


RETAIL INTERNATIONAL LTD reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time and/or to publish updated versions of the same. The new version comes into effect from the publishing date which is indicated at the bottom of the page

Last update: 01.01.2020


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