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ALDO opens its doors in Gozo and frees the imagination through its new “INSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE” spring/summer 2016 campaign.

Whether the latest footwear trends are breaking in London, Milan, Paris, New York or Tokyo, ALDO in Victoria Gozo will ensure you have them on your feet first!
ALDO celebrates those who find inspiration in the everyday, the everywhere, and the everything through its continued campaign geared towards individuality and personal style
ALDO, an international leader in fashion footwear and accessories, sets its imagination free by unlocking unique sources of inspiration within its Spring/Summer 2016 global campaign. ALDO showcases their design team’s seasonal trends through a cast of authentic personalities that embody the founding spark of each unique inspiration. Along with our Flagship Tigne store, Paola Square store and Zacchary Street Valletta store, we have now opened our fourth store in Fortunato Mizzi Street Victoria, Gozo with an evening of Prosecco, sweet treats and exclusive discounts.